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Sport Betting Singapore

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Sport Betting Singapore – Is it Legal?

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Sport Betting

Are you a betting enthusiast figuring out sports betting rules of sport betting singapore ? Don’t worry! This article has got you covered.

The Lion City is one of the most visited cities in Asia, garnering lots of attention for its infrastructure, mesmerizing tourist destinations, and cityscape.

But do you know that Singapore is a top destination for sports betting Singapore as it hosts some of the best platforms where punters can place bets and earn big rewards? This article will help you understand how Singapore became a growing hub for sports betting.

We will also cover all the details you may require while placing your bet on different sports.

Are Sports Betting Legal in Singapore?

Sports betting in Singapore is a legal tender as there is a recognized and legal platform that allows punters to place bets. The Lion city introduced Singapore Pools in 1968, which regulated and legalized betting in Singapore.

The primary goal of this platform was to curb illegal betting and provide punters with a safe and secure channel where they can place bets without compromising their personal and financial details.

This move to set up a legal platform (Singapore Pools) allowed the Lion City to garner attention among punters and earned it a huge reputation in the sports betting scenario.

Singapore further introduced various laws in 2016 which allowed Singapore Pools to grant punters the option to place online sports betting in Singapore. This law enhanced the betting scenario in Singapore and offered more opportunities for punters to place their bets.

Singapore Sport Bet Laws

sport betting singapore

Sports Betting Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore took various steps to curb illegal betting in Lion City. So, the first task was to set up a legitimate platform where punters could place bets legally.

The city incorporated a new betting law in 1968 and established Singapore Pools to regulate sports betting in Singapore. The platform falls under the jurisdiction of the Tote Board, which controls the Singapore Turf Club and Singapore Pools.

The platform offered a legalized channel for punters to place bets on different sporting events without compromising financial details. Furthermore, the Singapore Turf Club allowed punters to place online bets on horse racing.

However, as time passed by, Singapore witnessed a lot of interest in online gambling, which had its pros and cons.

For instance, online betting enthusiasts were getting more options with several platforms offering online gambling opportunities. On the other hand, the possibilities of incurring financial loss were high on unregulated platforms, which prompted Singapore to pass the Remote Gambling Act in 2014.

However, Lion City allowed Singapore Pools to provide lottery services and online sports betting in 2016.

But does Singapore have only one legal sports betting platform? Besides Singapore Pool sport betting, Lion City also features many legal sport betting platforms that allow punters to place bets on different sports.

What can you expect from Singapore sport betting?

Sports betting in Singapore offers a lot for punters. Besides allowing gambling enthusiasts to explore different sectors, you can experience incredible returns for your investment.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from Singapore sport betting. Why Should You Consider It?

Incredible Bonuses

Best online casino

Best online casino

The first thing that online sports betting platforms offer to their customers is a welcome bonus when they join their platform. You can get anywhere from 100% to 200% match of your deposit as a bonus after you sign up on these platforms.

Furthermore, you can expect special bonuses, free bets, or cashback when you participate in special events. These bonus events allow punters to fuel their passion and get involved in a healthy gambling environment.

Lots of Options

Sports betting is one of the most preferred ways of gambling, as punters have access to different betting options. You can place bets on multiple markets and different sports according to your preference.

You will have access to a wide array of competitions and sports with options to select your preferred platform without compromising your betting experience. All sport betting platforms in Singapore support different markets, including basketball, horse riding, football, and other sports.

You can explore the different sport betting options and choose the perfect platform as per your preference.

Safe and Secure

One of the main advantages of sports betting in Singapore is its safe and secure environment for punters. Most online betting platforms employ advanced technology to keep their site secure and away from fraudulent activities.

Additionally, these platforms incorporate top gaming developers to offer better gaming experiences to punters. You can play titles from Mega888, 918kiss, and other top providers that offer a range of games, including baccarat, roulette, and other popular options. What did Quora say?

Easy Deposit and Withdrawals

Singapore betting sites have one thing in common. They incorporate the latest technology for payments, which ensures smooth transactions when punters deposit or withdraw their funds.

Furthermore, the availability of different payment options also enhances the overall betting experience. You can choose to pay deposits via bank transfers or cryptocurrencies according to your preference.

In short, the ease of making payments and withdrawing funds allows punters to concentrate on their games without worrying about scams and fraudulent activities.

Are Foreign Bookmakers safe in Singapore betting online?

Besides domestic giants like the Singapore Pools, Lion City also allows foreign bookmakers to offer their services in Singapore. In short, you can use these foreign bookmakers to place bets and win big if you know how to play your cards.

These foreign bookmakers have identical requirements to Singapore Pools and offer a secure and safe environment for online sports betting. You can create your account, deposit your funds, and place bets on different sports.

Additionally, these foreign bookmakers support multiple payment options and support all the major banks in Singapore. You can also use your e-wallet to sign up on the platform and place your bets.

Punters can also use cryptocurrencies to place bets on these foreign bookmakers.

The Best Ways To Play Singapore Sport Bet

Which sports are popular among sports betting enthusiasts?

Singapore betting online

Singapore betting online

Sports betting in Singapore has no limits, with almost all sports covered under the online betting environment. However, there are some sports that stand out from the crowd due to their popularity among fans and punters.

Here are the sports that bag the highest price in the sports betting scenario in Singapore.


Football is undoubtedly one of the most watched sports in Singapore, making it a hot pick for punters. In fact, some competitions generate more revenue than an entire sporting event with lots of handsome prizes for betting enthusiasts.

You can place bets on domestic tournaments like the SPL (Singapore Premier League) or other events held in the Lion City. Furthermore, sport betting platforms also allow betting aficionados to place bets on international tournaments like the EPL (English Premier League) or other competitions.

The balance of getting the right exposure of placing bets on your preferred domestic and international teams makes football one of the best sports for punters.


Online Betting Singapore

Online Betting Singapore

Basketball has a rich history in Singapore, and most Singaporeans love to watch their national team in action. Betting platforms allow fans to do more for their favorite teams by placing bets when they play.

You can place bets on domestic competitions or international events like the NBA and earn huge when you hit the target. Besides NBA, other tournaments held in Europe and Asia also create a significant buzz in online betting platforms.


Although Singapore may lack cricketing talent at the moment, the sport is very popular among Singaporeans. In fact, if the country plays a regional competitor like Malaysia, the tally of viewers and punters rises to the top due to rivalry between these regions.

You can place bets on various domestic and international matches, including ODIs and T20s. Furthermore, punters also have the option to place bets on international tournaments like the Big Bash and Indian Premier League and marquee tournaments like the World Cup.

Other sports

Besides football, basketball, and cricket, online betting also covers other sports like the Olympics, badminton, and rugby. You can place bets on these sports and earn big when you place the right cards.

Furthermore, international horse races also create a significant buzz among the betting community and are a popular option for bettors. You visit any online betting platform and place your bets on your favorite sports.

Additionally, some online betting platforms also offer additional bonuses for specific events where you can earn additional rewards. So, keeping an eye on your dashboard is one of the best approaches to becoming successful in online sports betting.

Singapore Pool sport betting Odds

The Singapore Pools use different odds formats, including the European decimal odds. You can also witness some betting sites using UK and American odds in their system.

So what do odds represent? Odds determine how much money a punter will get after winning a bet. In short, if your odds are 1.91 (on SGD 100 bet), you will get SGD 191 as your reward, which means that your total profit after setting aside your stake (SGD 100) is SGD 91.

The format system may differ for different sites and platforms, and you might have to manually select your preferred format while setting up your account.

Other popular odds format used by sports betting platforms includes Hong Kong odds, Indon